Great knowledge sharing and networking event

Associate Director


Very good presentations


Contract Management

Targeted conference, useful. Worthwhile gathering of various technologies and experts in smart parking to promote information exchange

Business Development Manager

Al Bateel Group

It was good. There should be more awareness


Dubai Municipality

It has useful sessions for enhancing awareness on Smart Parking issues. The event has been very well organised giving good opportunity for networking during break sessions. There is a good mix of speakers from various kinds or organisations sharing their valuable experiences, making this conference highly interesting

Senior Traffic Engineer

Louis Berger

Good range of topics covering the latest in parking

Senior Associate


The conference was useful and beneficial to my current role The conference discussed good techniques that when implemented can solve most issues experienced around many growing cities

Assistant Manager

The topics are interesting with people who are involved in building design

BMS Engineer

Emaar Malls Group

Very informative. Very well organised

Senior Project Manager


Welcome new ideas for our new projects. Very relevant to what we do, refreshing with new ideas

Associate Creative Design Manager

Dubai Tourism

It’s very informative. Thank you

General Manager

Gulf Steel Engineering

First conference in the GCC on the parking topic. Hope to see it in Qatar soon

Business Development Manager

Ballast Nedam

The Smart Parking event was a fantastic venue for meeting the market. Innovators and leading consultants in the parking field

Associate Director


You can easily hook up with people that you and your assistant tried to reach for a long time

General Manager


Meet the experts under one roof before you plan something related to parking. Its good and meets expectations

Head of Security


Worthwhile attending. Well organised with good profile of delegates

Managing Partner

Secure Parking

A concise event with multi-national speakers identifying solutions for the UAE

Managing Director


Very good. Appreciate ACM for conducting such seminars

Technical Manager

NG Global

Very good, especially Q&A

Senior Project Manager


Excellent organising. It was a very interesting and informative event on a topic that is often neglected. Attending this conference was a great experience where you acquire knowledge in a comfortable and organised environment

Sustainable Engineer

British University in Dubai

Good range of topics and speakers. Keep up to date as you did this year! Well done

Senior Associate


Very good on state of the art

Head of Transportation


Diversified, Knowledge and Highly recommended

Parking Manager


It was very good, a lot of interesting topics covered, technology, awareness, and local applications

Traffic Senior Specialist

Department of Transport Abu Dhabi

We got informed about the new technologies around the world and understand how to make the life easy and save time

Senior Engineer


Yes, Sharing the experience is the main thing in this conference and also find a solution with the new smart parking technologies

Security Operation Manager


The conference was amazing, we exchanged information and learned new things about new parking technology

Assistant Security Manager


It was a very good organized event, the venue, the timing and the facility

Head of Sustainability

Al Suweidi engineering

Very informative event, good to learn and meet new colleagues

Sustainability Engineer

Al Suweidi Engineering

I appreciated the conference, it has been a great opportunity to learn more about technologies and extents and experts

Regional Director


Excellent event, Very good mix of speaker and vendors

IT Director

Navi Parking

Very Good

General Manager

Mezyad Engineering Consultant

Very relevant group of Speakers! Informative & Insightful

Senior Transportation Planner

WSP Parsons

The conference unraveled some smart thinking that goes into the development of (smart) Parking solutions. Enjoyable sessions

Specialist Contract Performance

DMAT Abu Dhabi

Great Knowledge gaining about the future of parking business



Excellent platform for sharing information and networking

Senior Project Manager


I will recommend as it’s good for the value and the smart parking

Area Manager


Very Informed

Assistant Transport Planner


The mix of presentations and panel discussions per session is a great idea. The panel discussions are highly informative and interactive, providing great insights to existing issues & future developments. Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of this highly successful conference

Senior Traffic Engineer

Louis Berger

A day well spent understanding the mechanics of parking

Assistant manager, Urban Planning


A very well organize and informative event

Environment and sustainability Manager


Very well organized and interesting topics of panels and presentations

Senior Consultant


It’s very useful to know the current trend in technology related to smart parking

General Manager

Mezyad Engineering Consultant

Very insightful event


Smart World